History & Renown

Founded in 1999, our oil mill and the Society La Belle du Berry remains a family business.

Our regional success reinforces us in quality and seduction of our oils.

The notability of La Belle du Berry continues growing at the same time as that of the rapeseed oil which in the past was abandoned. The quality of our methods and know-how allow us to bring the sun in your plate !

Raw materials - traceability from the Earth to the table

We are at the same time producer of our seeds and our oils, what is a pledge of quality and of marking in our step.

We produce our oils from the best varieties of seeds : rape carefully chosen, selection of the products of soaking, of their freshness and perfumes... We guarantee the marking of the Earth at the table of all our oils in worry and respect for the environnement.

Methods, Know-How, Quality

In constant research, our products suffer a strict surveillance and qualitative analyses.

Our oils are of First Pressure with Cold quality pledge. To them perfumes are based on a new know-how since a dozen year which we refine year by year.

To guarantee their wealth in gout and their conservation, we produce our tools only 15 % capacities of.


The virgin Fruity oil of rape La Belle du Berry Gourmet is the floret of our know-how : assemblage of chosen varieties of rape and workmanship of the elements of transformation, is admitted for its unique taste.

We developed a complete range of upmarket products to enrapture your kitchens and to stimulate your papillae. We also worked out a complete range of products with professional usage with the same research of excellence and of innovation.