Oil Virgen of Rape Natural

Oil perfumes of artichoke cooked, expressing aromas of truffles. The mildness of rapeseed express in the acidic note of its perfumes and its lightness taste.

Oil Virgen of Rape Garlic - Shallot

The wing - shallot that we use, saturate your tastebuds because its perfumes are so powerful.

No need vinegar for your seasonings, taste very sweet shallots and perfumes made of garlic oil making this oil very popular.


Oil Virgen of Rape Spiced

The spice flavors expresses the same characteristics as natural oil, accompanied by the scent of fresh peppers and mushrooms.

After a few moments, the strength of chilli expressed under your flat leaving a very pleasant aromatic persistence.


Olive Softness

The scent of olive oil speaks first, followed by those of rapeseed.

The ardence of olive oil is masked by rapeseed and the association gives an astonishing escape complicity.

Nut Softness

The strong intensity of the oil of walnut is concealed by the rape, letting very the aromas of the grilled walnut express itself.

The beneficial effects of rape accompanied with some perfumes of the walnut, still with happiness !

The Fruity La Belle du Berry

This packed Jewel of aromas and of perfumes the seduction of our oils. A note of almond, a net of nut, a top of hazelnut, a cloud of sanding down in apple...

In your papillae !

Sunflower from La Belle du Berry

Smoothness and dress velour of our sunflower oil make its characteristics.

The delicacy of the almond is one delight. Cooks a delicacy...