Huile Vierge de Colza "Extra" Nature

An unique mixture of aromas of mushroom, of cooked artichoke sublimated by a final expression of well-blended butter. The greenery of the rape will express itself according to accompaniment while remaining marginal.

Huile Vierge de Colza "Extra" Fruitée

The sweetened sanding down, the dried prune come out again in "Fruity Gastronome". The roundness of the rape is so concealed by this slightly sweetened side.

Huile Vierge de Colza "Extra" Pimentée

What of nicer than to find tastes of the "Natural oil Gastronome" accompanied with the force of the pepper. To raise your raw vegetables or pizza... one delight !

Huile Vierge de Colza "Extra" Truffée

The Stuffing, a perfume of cool truffle puts you directly in tone. The delicacy of the "Extra " natural rapeseed oil figured up by truffle coming directly from our truffière confers on him its characteristics.

Les Fruitées & les Fraicheurs

In the form of stacked bottles, the darlings savour to discover perfumes of our oils.

The "Fruity" are made up of four perfumes : Natural, fruity, spiced rapeseed oil, Natural Sunflower oil.

"Freshness": Natural rapeseed oil, Garlic - shallot, in the olive oil, in the oil of nut. In pack tasting, or present these darlings are in expression and design of La Belle du Berry : Delicacy and Seduction...

Imagine a smooth oil, of a grande delicacy, whose wealth expresses itself through its aromas, its perfumes and its nutritional characteristics... Unique, La Belle du Berry Gourmet gives her to you. Let you entice...